This allows specifying and retrieving default values for newly created isotopia objects.

set_iso_opts(default_ab_notation = c("raw", "percent"),
  default_ff_notation = c("alpha", "eps", "permil", "ppm"),
  default_delta_notation = c("raw", "permil", "ppm"),
  default_intensity_unit = "", default_major = "", default_minor = "",
  exact_mass_balance = FALSE, standards = c())




default notation of abundance objects, see switch_notation for details


default notation of fractionation factors


default notation of delta values


default unit for intensity values


default major isotope on all isotope objects


NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! If enabled, mass balance calculations with delta values (i.e. mass_balance(delta, delta, delta... or delta() + delta()) will always be performed exact by converting to natural abundances first and making the addition in abundance space (will be converted back to delta value afterwards). This is only possible if the ref_ratio in the delta values is set and will lead to an error if attempted without the reference ratios set.

If disabled, mass balance calculations with delta values (delta() + delta()) will be performed in delta space (which is not exact but the discrepancy is negligible unless the minor isotopes in an isotope system make up a significant portion)

see register_standard for details


isotope ratio objects to register as standards


minor default minor isotope on all isotope objects


get_iso_opts allows retrieval of all or individual isotopia options. Returns a single value if only one option is requested, a named list if multiple


Default options are the following and are set during package loading together with the default standards set_iso_opts( default_ab_notation = "raw", default_ff_notation = "alpha", default_delta_notation = "permil", default_intensity_unit = "", default_major = "", default_minor = "", exact_mass_balance = FALSE )

See also

Other options: register_standard


get_iso_opts("standards") # get a table of all standards get_iso_opts(c("default_major", "default_minor")) # get a named list with the default major and minor isotopes
#> Error: <text>:3:9: unexpected symbol #> 2: get_iso_opts(c("default_major", "default_minor")) # get a named list with the #> 3: default major #> ^